• Skill Development Training
  • Innovation Toolkit Bootcamp
  • Facilitating & Workshop services
  • Project Design

Webinar project and team management for TEDxAUTH volunteers

Communication Training for TEDxAUTH core team

4 Skill Development Training @ Digital

Participation in the 2nd Panhellenic Student Conference in Agricultural and Related Sciences

Project Management @ START-Create Cultural Change

Workshops in Cultural Management Academy (CMA)

4 Skill Development Training – October – November 2019

4 Skill Development Training – 2019

Messolonghi by locals: Project Management and Communication Training

Training for the students of the language center “SPEAK”

How to… – workshop series

Participation in the Panhellenic Student Conference in Agricultural and Related Sciences

START Create Cultural Change fellows’ training @ Sustainability

Startup Europe Week Crete

Boosting Your Project: Solutions Through Collective Intelligence, Mitost at Georgia

Design Thinking Bootcamp @ ABBVIE

Impact Assessment Bootcamp @ Solomon

Climathon 24h hackathlon

Innovation Toolkit Bootcamp @ Project Management

Be a Local Changemaker in Culture

Be a local changemaker

Community Lab

Income Sustainability: Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation Case-study

Audience Development: Vafopouleio Cultural Center

Extraversion & Synergies: National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation Case-study

Rebranding Thessaloniki at Philoxenia Conference

Regional Coordinators Meeting @ Bosch Alumni Network

Organizational Training @ Anna Lindh Foundation – USB

START Create Cultural Change Training in ”Cross-sectoral synergies”

Participation in MitOst Festival in Athens

Changemakers exchange (CXC) Andros

Training of the vocational staff of the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair

Changemakers Exchange (CXC) Paris

Strategic Planning of Safarni Organization

Humanity in Action – “Services for all” workshop

Infinity Greece event

Audience Development in the Cinema Museum

Intercomunicate workshop

Kapani market project


Students for sustainability conference in International Hellenic University (IHU)

START-closing event 2019

EU&U Conference – EUandU θΕΕσσαλονίκη edition

REMEDIO: Park(ing) day

Voltaro 2019

Webinars V.2 for the WORTH Partnership Project

Voltaro 2018

Coordinationn of Infopoints during the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair

Webinars for the WORTH Partnership Project

“Open Schools” project

Philoxenia 2017

Voltaro 2017

Coordination of the volunteers during the 82 Thessaloniki International Fair

Awareness and Preparedness Day

Polis doron

Philoxenia Conference 2016