Skill Development Training

We offer companies, institutions and individuals a range of workshops that develop the most sought-after skills in today’s business world.


workshop duration

Few hours (5-8)



Personal Branding | Presentation Skills | Leadership | Time management | Project management | Freelancing |
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25 - 100 participants



Just your learning spirit!

Technical knowledge is the foundation for any profession, but the so-called “soft skills” is what can make or break a business or a career. 

More than ever before employers and professionals seek crucial traits like effective communication, team work, public speaking and emotional intelligence.

In the ever-changing world of technology and the uncertainties caused by automation, it is the ability to adapt, to become a life-long learner and to cooperate with others that will set apart the professionals of tomorrow.

We want to invest in this future by making these skills accessible to everyone. Our workshops lay the groundwork for a life-changing shift in perspective that leads to a renewed work ethic and a stronger motivation for personal development.

5 Reasons to choose a Skill Development Training


Invest in yourself and your career
–or your employees and your organisation– with our intensive, interactive workshops.


Learn sought-after skills including communication, team work, emotional intelligence and project management.

Experience hands-on training
with immediate feedback
and discuss your concerns.


Increase your confidence
by practicing new skills
in an open and supportive environment.

Get a deeper understanding
of the challenges you face
in your career, team or organisation
and explore solutions.

An example
of our influence is...

On 2018 we designed a program with 9 skill development trainings. More than 200 young professionals took part in these trainings with an overall excellent rating of 96%


''If you want to walk fast, then you have to walk alone. If you want to go far away, then you have to go together with someone else. This is exactly what I felt at Youthnest and it really change my prespective about the world''

Thomi Eleftheriadou, Vodafone

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